Sisiyutł Double-Headed Serpent Song


This supernatural being appears in our territories, there are other tribes up and down the coast that have the same being in their culture. It represents the choices that we have in life, there is always the balance between good and bad, ultimately it is up to us what paths we choose to follow. If we make bad choices we will suffer, if we make good choices we will be rewarded.

The human face in the center represents all people, the two serpents represent the choices we have in life, each snake is designed differently to represent good and bad. The Sisiyutł to our people is the spirit helper or the protector of warriors and medicine people. Our people were very careful when they encountered the double- headed serpent. In order to survive the experience they backed away slowly not taking their eyes off of it, if they became spiritually weak or afraid and took their eyes from it, it could be lethal.   People could be killed in horrific ways, by being turned to stone or having their spine twist and snap.


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