Thunderbird Song


The Thunderbird to our people represents the ruler and the protector of the heavens and the controller of the weather. When a thunderbird flaps its wings the thunder rolls, when it blinks its eyes the lightning strikes, if it ruffles its feathers its dandruff is the hail, and eagles are said to be the lice of the thunderbird.

In many of our legends, thunderbirds are sent down by the Creator to assist and protect humankind. Often there were people in the beginning of our history who felt alone and very vulnerable, through their prayers and wishes, the Creator would send thunderbirds down to answer their call.

In most legends, thunderbirds have the ability to transform into human, and often help other first ancestors build their first shelter and become brothers and sisters to each other.

The teachings of thunderbird are about family unity, brotherhood and sisterhood, connection to the Creator, and the answer to the wishes and prayers of humans.


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